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Bobby Holland

As a Grammy-nominated photographer and filmmaker, Bobby Holland has spent the last thirty years shooting Hollywood’s top entertainers. A native of Providence, Rhode Island, his destiny as a filmmaker was forged as a young man, when a neighbor introduced him to the art of photography with a gift of a used 35mm still camera. "From the moment I took my first photograph," Holland would recall, "I knew what I was meant to do." Later, he moved to Los Angeles and began shooting celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. He also founded Cymarron West, a full-service production company.

On Michael Jackson:

"When I think about Michael Jackson the artist I'm reminded of just how totally focused he always was about anything he was doing. Having grown up in the school of Motown, Michael learned from the best every angle of being a total entertainer. He would always arrive early at the studio for every photo session, very quiet and reserved, and he was always totally prepared, aware and involved with all aspects of the photo session: the music, lighting, lens, sets and the total vibe. When it was time to step in front of the lens he could really turn it on too and show everyone why he was the King of Pop.

The title the King of Pop was given to Michael Jackson by Bob Jones, who was Director of Publicity at Motown Records. Jones was one of those no nonsense professionals who worked with Michael and his brothers as the Jackson Five for many years. He later would leave Motown to become head of media for Michael's new company MJJ Productions.

James Brown has always been know as the Hardest Working Man In Show Business. Michael studied James Brown's every move and has to be know as The Second Hardest Working Man In Show Business." 

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